Considering Pool Bubblers? (Pros, Cons, Ideas & Cost)



Pools of today can be customized to fit anyone’s vision of the ultimate in backyard relaxation.

With plenty of pool water features on the market, the only limitations pool owners have are budget and imagination.

One of these options are pool bubblers, which give a premium look to your pool at an affordable price.

What Are Pool Bubblers? 

Pool bubblers (also referred to as gushers) are small fountains of water that bubble up out of the pool. They usually top out at 2 or 3 feet (most are adjustable), replicating the bubbling that occurs in a natural hot spring.

In most cases, bubblers are installed at the entrance of the pool – on a tanning ledge or a beach entry. This allows for you to lay in the water, work on your tan, and have the soothing sound of the bubblers add a touch of tranquility.

While the entry location is the most popular, you can get quite creative with their placement and formation.

Some bubblers are installed around the edges of the pool, while others will add them to a feature wall, complete with a pool waterfall and other add-ons.

When night comes, the bubblers can still be used as they have LED lights at their base, allowing for illumination. This gives them a striking look that can be customized to your preference.

The Pros & Cons 

So you’re interested in adding bubblers but not quite sure if they’re for you? Let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these to your pool.


If you have kids, you’re gonna want to get bubblers. When they’re installed on a tanning ledge, it’s almost exactly like having a splash pad that the kids can frolic in and play with the pressure of the water.

Bubblers also do a great job adding in the calming sound of rushing water. This not only adds a level of peace to your backyard, but also blocks out any unwanted noise when you’re in the pool.

Third, when compared to most water features, bubblers are relatively inexpensive. So those who are working with a tight budget can still add this unique feature without breaking the bank.

Finally, they work to cool the pool’s temperature. As water rushes out of the bubbler, it not only helps with circulation, but also injects oxygen which keeps the pool cool. This ensures the tanning ledge never gets too hot, and also protects the pool water’s chlorine from rapidly destructing due to sunlight.


There really aren’t too many downsides, but as they’ll need to be installed, you’ll have a cost associated with them that must be planned for.

Additionally, if you want to retrofit them to your existing pool, the installation/labour costs could be significant. This is due to the fact that each bubbler will require its own dedicated pipe and power line.

A Cost Breakdown 

On the low end, pool bubblers can cost around $500, which is pretty reasonable for a water feature. 

Of course, with installation fees added in, and depending on if you want to add LED lighting and automated timers, the price can balloon to over $1000 per bubbler.

Adding these to your new pool project is ideal as it will save you money and a lot of headaches. 

Retrofitting bubblers to an existing pool can be done, but require excavation, running pipes, power lines, and then re-building the area where the bubblers are featured. 

With your pool’s pump running the show, you’ll also need to install diverter valves that allow you to regulate the height of the bubblers (one valve per bubbler). 

The good news is there’s relatively little change when it comes to operational costs for this feature.

Pool Bubblers Ideas (And 5 Examples)

Pool bubblers can be placed anywhere in and around your pool. Everyone has their preference, but some common placements are:

  • Single Bubbler Entry
  • Multiple Bubbler Entry
  • Feature Wall Bubblers
  • Illuminated Bubblers
  • Bubblers With Seating

Let’s look at some real examples:

Example #1: Single Bubbler Entry

Image by Custom Outdoor Trends

Simple and elegant, this pool has a single bubbler on a tanning ledge entrance. 

It’s understandable why they installed only one bubbler on a pool this size, as they’ve also incorporated triple waterfalls, a shaded seating area, and a hot tub to boot.

The single bubbler is still eye-catching but doesn’t overcrowd the modestly-sized ledge, allowing for multiple people to lay out simultaneously.

Example #2: Multiple Bubblers Entry

Image by Southernwind Pools

The multiple bubblers approach is the most popular, and this pool shows you why. It’s impeccably designed and landscaped to rival high-end resorts.

The height on these bubblers has been jacked up for maximum effect, and there’s still room to lay on the ledge if you wish.

These bubblers integrate well with the other features (grotto, water slide, and deck jets), and also provide a complimentary effect to the bubbling hot tub.

Example #3: Feature Wall Bubblers

Image by Prestige Pools & Spas

Pools that have a feature wall can use bubblers to great effect.

This pool uses a mixture of bubblers, scupper-designed columns, and fire bowls to top it off for dramatic effect.

Additionally, the bubblers create a cascading effect so that the water is perpetually pushed over the ledge, adding to the tranquility of the scene.

Example #4: Illuminated Bubblers

Image by Downes Swimming Pool Company

Bubblers at night time can be used to striking effect.

Equipped with LED lights at the base, they allow you a choice of colors to match your backyard decor. 

You can choose a static color, or have them randomly cycle through multiple colors. Automated timers are also available for control of the lights when the pool’s not in use.

Example #5: Bubblers With Seating

Image by Aquaterra Outdoors

For those that want to lay out but prefer to be seated, this design of in-pool loungers coupled with bubblers is sure to hit the spot.

It sticks to the theme of symmetry, balancing well with the deck jets and additional seating on the far side.

The nice thing about these loungers is they’re fully removable, so you can still lay out directly on the tanning ledge if the mood strikes.

Ready to Jump In? 

Pool bubblers are an inexpensive way to instantly change the look and feel of your pool.

With their calming nature, and multi-design functionality, adding these to your pool is a virtual no-brainer.

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