About Poolonomics

Let’s face it, most of the stuff you read on pools and spas these days are loaded with overly complicated explanations, vague, fluffy advice, and unnecessary industry jargon.

Whether you’re looking to buy new pool and/or spa equipment, or you just want concise, no BS information on how to maintain what you already have, it shouldn’t have to feel like you’re decoding the Matrix to get it.

Poolonomics was born out of that frustration. The frustration most new pool owners have today, which is being able to rely on an accurate, easy to understand online source of information for buying, maintaining and using their equipment.

It doesn’t matter if you have an inground or above-ground pool, or whether it’s part of your home or your business, we aim to cover every possible thing there is to know on pools and spas, so you can your fix all under one roof.

Despite our relatively short time online in what has already become a pretty crowded marketplace, we’re still confident about our ability to become the market leader.

If there’s one thing sites in this industry seem to overlook, it’s just how easy it is to turn into a thesaurus when explaining otherwise simple ideas and concepts. It doesn’t need to be difficult, but they insist on making it difficult.

That is our differentiating factor, and it’s what I believe will take us from “just another pool and spa blog”, to the only source pool owners trust for straightforward advice, comprehensive tutorials and no-fluff buyers guides