About Poolonomics

Established 2017

Our Mission

At Poolonomics, our mission is to empower homeowners with the knowledge needed to maintain and enjoy their backyard oasis. Since launching in 2017, we’ve committed to educational content that demystifies pool and spa care through detailed, easy-to-understand guides, covering chemistry, maintenance, troubleshooting, equipment, and construction.

Our primary goal is to make seemingly complex topics accessible to anyone. Rather than muddying the waters with outdated practices, our guides are firmly grounded in the latest industry standards and modern understanding of water quality. You can trust our recommendations are efficient, cost-effective, and straightforward. This clarity and modernity allow us to be the go-to resource for pool and spa owners.

Expertly written

The Poolonomics team consists of both experienced writers and industry professionals, allowing for the highest quality information on pool and hot tub care.

Intentionally simplified

You shouldn’t need a degree in chemistry to understand how to take care of your pool or hot tub. We make sure every article is jargon-free and straight to the point.

Carefully fact-checked

Mistakes can be costly when it comes to your pool or spa, which is why everything we publish goes through stringent checks to ensure validity and accuracy.

Meet the Founder

Rick Patterson, an expert in pool care with 11 years of experience, specializes in water chemistry, equipment troubleshooting, and installations. His expertise is recognized in major publications such as Business Insider, LifeHacker, and Yahoo! News.

Rick’s practical approach simplifies complex industry concepts, making them accessible to a wide range of audiences, from pool and hot tub novices to seasoned professionals.

His dedication to continuous education and hands-on experience makes him a trusted authority in the pool and hot tub care industry. Rick’s background enables him to effectively communicate and address the needs of both beginners and professionals.