The 9 Best Hot Tub Accessories: Hand-Picked & Reviewed for 2020



Everyone loves a good soak in their hot tub, but with the right accessories, a simple hot tub session becomes so much more

Whether it’s the basics like music, lights and games, or the more luxurious comfort-adding items so you can soak in style, there’s something for everyone.

Read on to discover all the extras we recommend for your hot tub, to ensure it’s clean, comfortable and fun to use.

Top Picks for Hot Tub Accessories

We hand-picked the following hot tub accessories based on their popularity, price-points and differentiating features.

A more complete review of each can be found later in this article.

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Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow for Tub,... Gorilla Grip Bath Pillow for Tub,...
Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side... Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side...
Intex B01NBYH7O8 PureSpa Battery... Intex B01NBYH7O8 PureSpa Battery...
Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards,... Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards,...
GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer... GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer...
Skywin Floating Pool Speaker with... Skywin Floating Pool Speaker with...
2 Pack - Turtle Oil Absorbing... 2 Pack - Turtle Oil Absorbing...
Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance... Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance...

What Types of Hot Tub Accessories Can You Buy?

1. Quality of life products

If you’re like most people, your hot tub is a place of relaxation and comfort, where you go to de-stress after a long day in the office, or unwind when you need a little space.

What you want, are the handful of great products to help make this a reality, giving you a higher level of enjoyment and relaxation whenever you’re in your hot tub.

Personally, I see quality of life products for a spa as a must-buy. Things like a pillow that fixes securely to the side makes it easy to lay back and drift off into blissful relaxation, while a tray table helps to keep an ice-cold glass of wine in easy reach.

2. Entertainment products

But if you’re using your hot tub with someone else, eventually it’s going to get boring. And that’s where entertainment products really make an impact.

This particular type of accessory gives you something to do while you’re in the water.

It could be anything from a floating waterproof speaker that lights up to create a wild party mood, or a simple board game you can play to spark your competitive nature. Or you could always challenge your friends to a game of floating beer pong.

With the right entertainment products, you can get so much more enjoyment from your hot tub, because there’s so much more you can do than simply “soak” in the water.

3. Maintenance products

Finally, you’ve got to remember the key to a good hot tub is in keeping it clean. Regular maintenance is often the bane of a hot tub owner, but a necessary step if you’ve decided to install one of these in your home.

In addition to filtering and finding the right balance of chemicals in your water, it’s important to invest in products that make your cleaning sessions just a little easier.

Certain accessories will do wonders in this regard, like an oil-absorbing sponge that effectively removes scum in the water before it stains your walls. Or a set of scrub brushes and a skimmer net to help you keep the sides clean and easily remove floating leaves and other debris from the water. The right tools make this a much easier job.

Reviewing the 9 Best Hot Tub Accessories

#1. GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath Pillow

Original Spa Bath Pillow by Gorilla Grip
Original Spa Bath Pillow by Gorilla Grip
  • 7 STRONG SUCTION CUPS: this pillow stays in place...
  • WATERPROOF AND FAST DRYING: some bath pillows are...

Designed by Gorilla Grip, this is a luxurious hot tub pillow with more than 2 inches of padded foam, water and air tight to prevent any water entering and prevent mold growth.

Featuring 7 suction cups to ensure the orthopedic pillow stays in place without moving, you can relax with your shoulders and neck supported to create the most relaxing experience in your hot tub.

What I like best is the quality of the material. You can feel in your hands just how strong and durable the cover is, and know it will stand up to a high level of use.


  • Comes with a no-questions-asked 10-year guarantee
  • Powerful suction cups to help the pillow stay fixed in place


  • Suction cups require a smooth surface for proper adhesion
  • The angles and design of the pillow doesn’t fit every tub wall

#2. Leisure Concepts Spa Caddy Side Table Tray

  • 27-in. x 19-in. tray.
  • Swings in or out of the spa.
  • Made of reinforced, weather-resistant plastic.

Designed by Leisure Concepts, this is a side-caddy-style table tray, which you can install on virtually any hot tub to create a convenient spot for snacks, drinks, and anything else you’d like to keep close at hand while you relax in your tub.

Featuring a stainless-steel supporting post and a tray table top constructed from reinforced, weather-resistant plastic, this particular model offers a large 24″ by 21″ tray, with a lip to prevent spills or anything rolling into the water.

What I like best is the swing mechanism, it allows you to rotate the tray into the perfect position while you’re in the spa. And it’s been constructed to allow more than enough space for your hard cover to close effectively, even once it’s in place.


  • Sturdy tray table that has more than enough room for several drinks or other objects
  • Able to swing in-and-out to help you perfectly position the tray table as you need


  • The support pole needs to be screwed into the side of your hot tub
  • Some users received an incomplete product, missing screws or parts

#3. Intex PureSpa Spa Seat

No products found.

Designed by Intex, the PureSpa Seat has been constructed from thick and durable plastic, giving you a comfortable resting spot in your hot tub, at the perfect height you need to relax.

Featuring a heavy and weighted frame to keep the seat stable underwater, the fold out legs give you the option of creating two different height settings.

What I like best is that you can lean back without the seat sliding and moving because of the slip-resistant bottom, and it’s large and spacious enough to fit almost all people.


  • Seat is weighted so it remains on the bottom of the water
  • Adjustable height gives you the choice of two different height positions


  • In a hot tub with molded sides, the curve can push the legs to fold shut
  • Needs to be used on a flat surface to prevent slides and slippage

#4. Intex B01NBYH7O8 PureSpa Battery Multi-Colored LED Light

  • Create an ambience for pure spa hot tubs
  • Illuminates White, green, teal, blue, and purple
  • Has single-color or color-changing mode

Designed by Intex, this is a battery-powered LED light which gives hot tub owners the ability to set a particular mood in the water, and create real ambience as you relax.

Featuring 5 different colors that can be selected or simply left to cycle through, this particular light has been specifically created to fit into the existing water outlet in your Intex spa. If you have a different brand it may not connect, but it still can be used as a floating light.

What I like best is how well this product lights up a dark or dim hot tub, especially at night, and also how easy it is to use and operate in any spa.


  • Simple push button operation to cycle through the various settings
  • Vented design allows you to leave the light installed while running your filter/heater


  • Some users experienced the seals failing and water getting into the unit
  • Only compatible with Intex hot tub water valve outlets

#5. Hoyle Playing Cards

  • 100% waterproof playing cards
  • Printed on premium, plastic card stock with an...
  • Flexible and easy to shuffle, even when wet

Designed by Hoyle, this pack of waterproof playing cards is a cool accessory that make your time in the hot tub with friends more enjoyable.

The cards made out of plastic which float on water and you wouldn’t have to worry about the cards sinking into the bottom of the hot tub.


  • Floats on water, you won’t lose them in the hot tub
  • Comes in a plastic case as well
  • Doesn’t get destroyed by humidity or moisture


  • Material makes holding the cards slippery in water
  • Figures on the cards can potentially scratch off

#6. GoPong Pool Pong Rack Floating Beer Pong Set, Includes 2 Rafts and 3 Pong Balls

  • FLOATING BEER PONG: Challenge guests to a rowdy...
  • PARTY SET: Game includes 2 rafts, 3 balls, and...
  • GREAT GIFT: Finally the perfect gift for anyone...

Designed by GoPong this is a floating beer pong set to challenge your friends during your next pool party, with space for 6 cups in each floating raft.

Featuring extra-high sidewalls to prevent larger waves or splashes ruining a game, inside you will get 2 floating rafts, 3 balls, and a set of rules for playing the game.

What I like best is these rafts can double as floating drink holders or trays when you’re not playing beer pong, and the stable design helps stop the trays from flipping.


  • Can double as floating trays when you’re not playing beer pong
  • Fun game that offers hours of entertainment with your friends


  • Rafts are free floating which makes the game much more difficult
  • Some users noticed air leaking from the seams of the inflatable rafts

#7. Skywin Hot Tub Speakers and Speakerphone

  • Larger size and superior sound quality: Our...
  • Inflatable hot tub accessories: Our floating pool...
  • Waterproof and durable design: Our waterproof pool...

Designed by Skywin, this is a battery powered speaker and microphone, allowing you to take calls or listen to your favorite music while you’re relaxing in your hot tub.

Featuring a wireless Bluetooth connectivity to 20 meters, it’s very easy to connect your phone or device to the speaker system, and the built-in hanger helps you position the device right where you need it.

What I like best is the water-resistant nature of the product, it floats on water and is also capable of being submerged in up to 3 feet deep without damaging the electronics. Just in case you happen to splash it or spill something, it won’t destroy the speaker.


  • Powerful sound with over 5 hours of play time on the battery
  • Has built-in lights that sync with the music playing for better atmosphere


  • Some users had trouble with the sound quality once it gets wet

#8. Turtle Oil Absorbing Sponge (2 Pack)

  • ★EFFICIENCY OF FILTRATION – Save the life of...
  • ★BEST RESULTS – It is recommended to have two...
  • ★HIGHLY ABSORBENT – Absorbs multiple times its...

Designed by Swimables, the Turtle Oil Absorbing Sponge helps prolong the life of your filters and improve water quality in your hot tub, by attracting and collecting all of the scum, slime and oils, sucking them right out of your water.

Featuring the ability to absorb multiple times their weight in all types of scum, all you need to do is drop the sponges in your hot tub and they’ll start working immediately.

What I like best is how easy these sponges are to use, and that once you have them in your water, no scum lines will form on your tiles, or the side of your hot tub. Perfect if you don’t like to shower before jumping in the water.


  • An effective yet passive way to remove oils from your hot tub
  • Prolong the life of your water filters


  • Floating turtles can find their way into the filter and get stuck
  • Quite a small product that may need to be cleaned/replaced regularly

#9. Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit with Brush

  • Intex spa maintenance kit
  • Perfect tool for all spas
  • Includes curved brush for inner sidewall care

Designed by Intex this is a simple maintenance kit to help you keep your hot tub clean and debris free, so it’s perfect for a swim, whenever you want to use it.

Featuring a hand-held skimmer net, along with a sponge and brush, the individual pieces are well made and will ensure it’s a quick and easy task to clean your hot tub.

What I like best is the quality of the brushes, the contours enable you to clean every inch of your hot tub, and the short handles are comfortable to grip as you scrub.


  • Short handles are easy to grip and hang on to as you scrub your hot tub
  • High quality maintenance set for keeping your hot tub clean


  • Holes in the skimmer net are a little large and don’t pick up the finest particles


With the right accessories you can massively improve your ability to relax, enjoy and keep your hot tub perfect for a dip, whenever you want to use it.

Do yourself a favor and buy a few of these extras to improve your hot tub experience.

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Everyone loves a good soak in their hot tub, but with the right accessories. Whether it’s the basics like music, lights and games, or the more luxurious comfort-adding items. Read on to discover all the extras we recommend for your hot tub, to ensure it's clean, comfortable and fun to use.  #poolonomics #hottub #spa

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