Best Hot Tub Steps: A Review & Buying Guide for 2020



Having a hot tub in your yard is the perfect way to relax after a long day at the office. To de-stress and re-energize yourself in the calming waters. But, it also presents a risk.

Especially if you’ve been climbing in and out of the water and the area around it is wet and slick. Because once you start overextending yourself to get over the edge of your hot tub, that’s when you can slip, and a terrible accident happens.

The solution is simple; invest in a set of hot tub steps. The extra height makes getting in and out of your hot tub an easy task, and in this article today you’ll learn everything you need to look for to ensure you choose the right set of hot tub steps.

Top Picks for Hot Tub Steps

We hand-picked the following hot tub steps based on their popularity, price-points and differentiating features.

A more complete review of each can be found later in this article.

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Cover Valet SSSRW Spa Side Step,... Cover Valet SSSRW Spa Side Step,...
Byron Originals Sure Step 2,... Byron Originals Sure Step 2,...
Confer Plastics Storage Step - Grey Confer Plastics Storage Step - Grey
Reaowazo LASS36-SC-R Red/Black Spa... Reaowazo LASS36-SC-R Red/Black Spa...

Why Do You Need Steps for Your Hot Tub?

The smooth curves and seats in your hot tub are perfect once you’re in the water, but they present a challenge as you’re climbing in and out. Particularly important if you have elderly guests, or children, using your hot tub, it’s your job to make it as safe as possible.

Now, many hot tubs will have an area inside to step onto, like a seat. Being a little flatter, you can use it as a platform, before fully lowering yourself into the water. But for a guest, it’s not always immediately apparent where this particular platform is.

Unless of course, you have a set of steps positioned in just the right spot. Not only do you provide a sturdy and slip-free platform on the ground outside, but you’re also giving guests a little extra guidance to help them safely climb into your hot tub.

Of course, if your hot tub has been set into the ground or has a patio and decking constructed around it, you may not need even need a set of steps. They’re best used for freestanding hot tubs, with sides you need to climb over.

What Types of Hot Tub Steps Can You Buy?

1. Standard Steps

Standard steps for your hot tub are precisely what they sound like.

A set of lightweight, freestanding stairs you can position anywhere alongside your hot tub to help you climb in and out of the water. Featuring non-slip surfaces and ridges to drain water away, steps are a smart bit of safety equipment that every hot tub owner should have.

Typically constructed from blow-molded plastic or thick resin, standard steps will come shipped in pieces, which you “click” together to install in just a couple of minutes.

You won’t need any fancy equipment to set these steps up, though a rubber mallet can come in handy if it’s a tight fit between the different pieces.

Now, what many products do offer is the choice for the top step, to either have a curved or straight trailing edge. Depending on the type of hot tub you have (whether it’s round or square), you choose the appropriate top step, so that once it’s assembled, it sits as close as flush to your hot tub as possible.

2. Storage Steps

Storage steps are an ingenious option for hot tub owners, as they provide a second benefit that you don’t get with the other type. Storage space.

By now you’re probably well aware of all the different pieces of equipment you need to keep close when using your hot tub. Everything from dry towels to your Bluetooth speaker, and perhaps even a drink or two. Storage steps are a convenient place to keep items like this handy, yet tucked away and out of sight. Perfect when you’re entertaining.

Typically constructed from heavy plastic, storage steps are usually a little lengthier, which generally results in a more stable set of stairs.

Which Type is Best?

Before choosing a particular set of steps, you need to consider the way you use your hot tub. If you like having sunscreen and other products close at hand yet don’t want to have a table close by, storage steps provide an aesthetically pleasing option.

But they can be tedious to assemble and are more expensive than their basic counterparts. If you’re simply looking for a safer way to climb in or out of your hot tub (and don’t want to lose a whole lot of ground space), you may be better off buying a set of standard steps.

What to Consider When Buying Hot Tub Steps

Are They Strong And Stable?

Probably the most crucial consideration is how strong and stable your steps are because you’ve bought these as an accessory to help you get in and out of the water. You want them to be sturdy, without a lot of “give” in the center.

Look at the weight limitations of a particular product and make sure it’s strong enough to hold your weight (different products support between 200 to 300 pounds). Many steps will have rubber footing to reduce the chances the product moves, which is also a useful feature.

I’d also check whether it has non-slip tread. Part of it being a stable step is safety, and you don’t want to slip and fall because your steps have been collecting and pooling water.

Are They Easy To Install?

With any set of hot tub steps you buy, there will be some assembly required.

The simplest options do need to be “clicked” into place, which is usually a simple task that can be done in minutes. Storage steps will require a little more work to set up, but it’s not all that difficult, and the manufacturer will generally provide instructions to follow.

It’s also worth mentioning that most hot tub steps are freestanding, so you can easily place them wherever you need around your hot tub. You won’t need to fix them to the sides.

Are They Compatible With My Tub?

You can use hot tub steps with any above ground hot tub, as they are simply a set of freestanding steps you position next to your hot tub to help you climb in the water.

But I do need to caution you. With a round hot tub the only way to get a “flush” fit, is to buy the standard steps that have a curve built in. Storage steps will not be a perfect fit for round hot tub owners, because they are designed to sit against a straight surface.

Do They Match Well With My Tub?

Because you’ll be looking at your hot tub stairs as they sit next to your hot tub for years, it’s essential to choose a color and style that matches. Most manufacturers have different color options so you can select the tone and style that best fits your yard.

How Long Will They Last?

Thanks to their simple design, hot tub steps are highly durable, and will often last more than a few years, even if you’ve left them outside and in the sun.

Of course, the more moving parts they have, the higher the chances something breaks, but you can expect to get several seasons out of a standard set of steps.

Reviewing the 5 Best Hot Tub Steps

#1 Confer Plastics Spa Handi Step, Dark Gray

No products found.

This is our runner up for the best hot tub steps.

Designed by Confer Plastics, the Handi Step is a lightweight and sturdy option, capable of supporting up to 300 pounds in weight.

Also available in black and tan, these steps are 29″ by 23″, giving you an extra 14″ of height as you step into your spa. And you’ve got the option of choosing a curved or straight top step so these will work on any type of spa.

What I like best is the assembly, it snaps together with no tools or hardware. Just make sure you follow the directions carefully, once you’ve put it together it’s almost impossible to pull the stairs apart (without damaging them). This tight fit is also a drawback, some users had difficulty actually snapping the steps together.


  • A sturdy and robust set of steps
  • Rubber footers to prevent sliding
  • Strong customer service support
  • Fits round and square hot tubs


  • Assembly can be difficult

#2 Cover Valet SSSRW Spa Side Step, Redwood

  • Superior Style And Durability
  • Anti-Slip reversible textured Tread Design
  • Available Colors Match Today'S Spa Cabinets

Designed by Cover Valet, the spa side step is available in five different colors and can support up to 275 pounds in weight.

Available in five different colors to best match your hot tub, these steps are 32” by 24”, giving you an additional 16” of height to help you get in and out of your spa. Again, the top step can be curved or straight, ensuring a perfect fit for all hot tub types.

What I like best is the anti-slip tread design, and at only 14 pounds they’re lightweight and easy to position around your hot tub. The biggest downside is that they’re not the sturdiest option, you will experience a little bounce in the steps.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Fits round and square hot tubs


  • Not the sturdiest option
  • Colors not the most appealing

#3 Sure Step 2, Espresso

  • Uniquely engineered to maximize strength,...
  • Accommodates both round and rectangular spas
  • UV Stabilized... will not fade or become brittle

Our choice for the best hot tub steps.

Designed by Byron Originals, the unique engineering of the Sure Step 2 helps to maximize strength and durability and is made with pride in the U.S.A.

Available in two different colors, this particular set of steps are 27” by 24.8”, and an additional 14 inches of height to help you step into your hot tub.

What I like best is that it’s made from recyclable heavy-duty HDPE that has been UV stabilized, perfect if you want to leave these steps in direct sunlight without the color fading. The biggest downside is their size, as they’re one of the broadest step options and will require enough space next to your hot tub.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and won’t move when in use
  • The wood-grain finish helps reduce slippages
  • Comes with a limited 3-year warranty


  • Widest option for standard spa steps

#4 Confer Plastics Spa Step with Storage – Gray

  • Made in USA
  • 36″ wide x 14″ high
  • Chose from Grey, Redwood, Portobello, Espresso,...

Designed by Confer Plastics, these particular steps can support up to 300 pounds in weight and have a handy flip away tread to reveal the storage compartment underneath.

Available in grey and brown, these particular steps have been made from a highly durable resin and feature a flip away step that reveals the inner storage compartment.

What I like best is the length of these steps, at 36” by 24” you have not only plenty of space to step, but it allows for quite a large storage area. The only downsides are the fit, some users had trouble assembling the pieces, and there will be some flex in the steps as you use them.


  • Wide step provides ample storage space
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Not suitable for storing chemicals
  • Pieces can be tough to assemble

#5 QCA Spas LASS36-SC-R Red/Black Spa Storage Step, 36-Inch, Red/Black

  • Durable resin design for reliable hot tub entry...
  • Stylish 2-tone red and beige finish
  • 13-1/2 in. high x 36 in. wide x 23 in. deep

Designed by QCA Spas, this is a two-tone red and beige set of storage steps that have been created with design in mind to look stylish while being absolutely functional.

Featuring a 36” by 23” platform, you’ll get an extra 13 ½” of height to help you enter and exit your hot tub safely and conveniently.

What I like best is the weight, at 21 pounds it’s a robust set of stairs you can trust to stay in place even with them freestanding next to your hot tub. The biggest downside is the hinged stair, you’ll need to leave a gap behind the steps to allow it to swing open.


  • Wide step provides ample storage space
  • Stylish look while being a functional accessory


  • Not suitable for storing chemicals
  • Cannot sit flush with your hot tub and open the step


Investing in a set of steps for your hot tub is a smart idea. Not only will you make it a little safer to get in and out of your hot tub, if you opt for steps with hidden storage you can keep all of your essential accessories within easy reach. And that’ll make for a great spa session.

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Having a hot tub in your backyard is the perfect way to relax, but they present a challenge as you’re climbing in and out. It’s your job to make it as safe as possible. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to look for to ensure you choose the right set of hot tub steps. #poolonomics #hottub #backyard

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